January 24, 1953

Eddie came over today in a rage. He pounded on my door this morning. When I let him, in he stormed in and hit me across the face. He said that he came over to pick me up for breakfast yesterday, and saw me with William. He wanted to know who he was and how I met him. I didn't tell him that he is a friend of Peter's. I kept Peter completely out of it. I also didn't tell him about the movie, but I'm sure he will find out.

He asked me who is paying for my apartment, who has bought my clothes, and who has given me money when I needed it. It, of course, has been Eddie, but I didn't say anything. I just stood there trying to fight back my tears. He told me that he can't have me running around town with random men.

He said that it was about time that I knew what his real business was. He told me that the insurance company was just a front and a vehicle for his wealth. He sells fake insurance policies, and pockets the money. Some of the insurance policies are real, otherwise the police would find out. But, he does just enough fake ones to make quite a bit of money. This is the reason, he said, why I can't draw attention to myself. He said that if I get caught up in a scandal than he could go down.

He told me that the men who were following me, and ransacked my apartment, were trying to get to him through me. But, he had that taken care of.

Taken care of? I don't even want to know what that means. I can't believe he does all of this. I can't believe I'm in deep. I don't dare tell the police, or run. Where would I go? No, now I have to keep my mouth shut. Eddie won't let me out without him anymore. He's moving me into his house so he can keep a closer eye on me. I feel like a prisoner.

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