January 28, 1953

Eddie is going to let me see my seamstress this weekend to get some dresses made. I was reading an article where Dior reveals how to dress for our shape and size. It made me want to go get some new clothes. He made some good points in the article.

 * Be your own age and enjoy it. To seem young always, a woman should change herself with the years. In clothes, each age has its own advantages. But, you mus know what you can do -- or shouldn't.

* Youth must be simple, never overdress! A cotton dress or a blouse with a pleated skirt accentuates a girl's unspoiled freshness. She looks her best in a tailored suit or simple shirtwaist dress. Furs are not for the very young, nor elaborate glittering jewelry. Let her remember that youth is its own adornment. A young girl who tries to seem older generally succeeds in looking rather ridiculous.

* At thirty, surprisingly enough, the little touch of sophistication makes her look much younger. What is "sophistication"? It is the well-cut suit, the smart hat, the neat tidy handbag, impeccable gloves. It is not a lot of clothes; it is well-pressed cleanliness -- in short grooming.

* The small woman looks her best in a neatly fitted suit with small lapels; a coat that has a small collar, small bulk; a dress with a narrow belt instead of a wide; a ballerina-type evening dress; a bodice or blouse that is neatly fitted, rather than loose.

* A larger woman can wear a blouse with fullness from the shoulder to the bosom, a neat fit below. A coat with interest in its collar, a deep V opening, a loose fit.

*  A tall woman's height can be cut down if she wears a dress with a plastron curving down below the waist; side drapery and a huge stole; costume with contrasting skirt and jacket and full silhouette; a suit with a wide belt.

* It is necessary for a woman to have an interest outside their home life in order to keep young, gay and active. Nor should youth or age ever renounce the spirit of coquetry, or the habit of taking care of one's appearance. If you have the heart to do so, you can keep young always.

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