February 8. 1953

I walked past the newsstand and saw the latest magazine with 20 new hairdos. I like quite a few of them. Maybe I'll go get a new hairdo to make myself feel better.

3. Natural highlights show up beautifully with a smoothly brushed hairdo cut slightly longer. Wear with or without trendil bangs.

11. You need naturally curly hair or an all-over permanent for this tulip cut, with the hair shaped in layers and turned under like pedals.

12. Center part gives more oval effect to a low forehead and emphasizes big eyes. Hair is waved and curled from a smooth crown.

13.  While your back hair grows, catch the wispy ends in a decorative net. Keep the front short in a pretty, easy-to-set frame that's particularly becoming to a square face.

15. If your hair's bright as a copper penny, wear it in dramatic sweeping lines like this wide silhouette. Comb it smooth to shape the head, or catch the ends back in a chignon.

17. Shoulder-length hair can look like a short hairdo. Turn curls toward the face at the forehead and over the ears. Catch the back ends together and turn them under in a mock chignon.

18. The same hairdo as 17 is combed back into simpler, more casual lines. Curls turn into deep waves and the back hair is brushed together low on the neck in a cluster of curls.

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