Bottom of the HIll - Nick Waterhouse

I would like to have a small intermission from Ruby's life to jump forward in time to the present. I wanted to tell you about a show I went to last night that I thought was pretty amazing. I went to the Bottom of the Hill for a show I had been waiting to see since I first discovered this artist. There were three bands playing last night. I wasn't too keen on the first, and left before the last band played. But my goal of the night was fulfilled when Nick Waterhouse and band came on the stage. He did not disappoint me. To me, the Bottom of the Hill is the perfect place to see a band because of the small intimate nature of the club. After the first band packed up their gear, my friend and I made our way to the front to bop and sway to the sounds emanating from the stage. I've never been to a show where I have moved to the music (you may call this dancing, but that would require rhythm.) so much. Usually it is just a head bob, or toe tap. But, Nick Waterhouse had me moving my hips, shoulders, head, fingers, and toes.  I could have listened to them play more than just one set. Apparently the audience could have too, for when it was over, they shouted "More!" When it was all over, my night was complete. My dreams were sweet. And, my heart is now taken by this man in a vintage suit.

I tried to take video, but soon discovered that my phone is not well equipped for this task. So, please check out the video I swiped from someone on you tube. I hope you find his music as enjoyable as I did.

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