Estate Sale - Time Capsule

While jogging around Lake Merced yesterday, my friend and I saw signs for an estate sale. After our run, we drove over to check it out. The home was a mid-century three bedroom house with full basement. There were lots of vintage goodies, though they were priced pretty high. What I fell in love with the most was the kitchen. It hadn't been touched since the home was built. It was a fairly small kitchen, but had great features. The cabinets were white metal. The counters were white and yellow tile. In the corner, there was built in bench seating with a  green formica table in front of the padded seats. Above the stove (a fantastic stove) was a sky light, giving the entire kitchen a bright sunny feeling. I wanted to pack up the entire kitchen and bring it home with me. Since my kitchen is yellow, this kitchen would work nicely in my apartment. Even the ceiling light would be perfect. I didn't ask if they were going to sell the house. Since real estate is so expensive in this area, I know I could only dream of living in a home like this. I do hope that the next owners don't gut the kitchen, like so many do. But, rather appreciate the vintage charm that it has to offer.

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