Blog Photos, Sharing, and a Plea

I have recently come across a couple of my photos on Tumblr and Pinterest.  I realize that by putting these photos in public view, they are bound to get snagged or shared with others. Part of me is happy that people enjoy the photos enough to share them. I've done my fair share of saving photos that I enjoy. What I do ask, though, is that credit be given. I am trying my best to increase my readers. If photos are being shown on other sites, without linking back to this blog, my chances of getting more readers lessens. Also, many of the vintage fashions I put on this blog I have scanned from magazines I own.  I have learned a lesson, though. I will start watermarking my images.

Two of the images I have seen recently are:

If you happen to see these images (or any others) floating around in your internet travels, it would be great if you could tag it, write in comments, or email the person to credit this blog.

One thing I don't appreciate, though, is stealing my banners. I just came across another blog that had the picture from my Tumblr banner. Now I am forced to create a new banner. That just isn't cool. If other images on this site want to be used, I give permission to use my images, as long as it is credited to this blog. But, stealing my banners is not accepted. Thank you.

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