Goodbye Twinkies, Hohos, Fruit Pies, and Snow Balls

Even though I can no longer eat any Hostess products, I'm still sad that they are closing their doors. I have fond memories of driving by the Wonder Bread Bakery in my home town taking in the wonderful scent of fresh baking bread. I remember getting excited when those rare times came that my parents took me to the bakery outlet, and I got to buy the Hostess cupcakes in orange or chocolate, or the package of mini chocolate donuts. Despite the fact that these products are loaded with ingredients that are bad for us, it is the downfall of an iconic American company that is sad. Though, I doubt that the products will totally go away, they may never be the same again. Though, that might not be a bad thing.

I read an interesting article (here) relating how Twinkies were born (which can also be read on Wikipedia). It is interesting to think about how the change in technology brought us farther away from nutrition. At the time, these changes were applauded. They helped make the housewife's job easier. They were cheaper. They were faster. But, they did not know how these advances would change and shape generations to come. I wish we could get back to the way we ate, but for most of us that is just not that easy.

 I do wonder how the two original Twinkies tasted (the banana cream, and the original vanilla cream) compared to what we know now. Maybe someday we will be able to experience it.

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