Rainy Days Ahead

For the last several days it has rained and rained. It's not all that unusual for this area. So, I shouldn't be surprised. But, every time it rains, I grumble. It's not bad when I am at home, but when I have to walk in it - that's another story. This year I was actually wishing it would rain. But, I am never satisfied. Now that it's raining, I wish it wasn't. There is just no pleasing me. We actually will be getting a break after three storms passed through. So, I shouldn't complain too much.

It also gives me a chance to break out my winter and rain gear. I get to wear wool skirts and boots that I don't get to wear every day. I had been looking for a certain type of  boot, and so is every one else. You know the ones I'm talking about. They are booties with fur around the top edge and lace up the front. They look so cute and cozy. But, sadly, they rarely come in my size. I did, however find a pair of booties from the 50s a few seasons ago. I just never got around to wear them last winter. Well, with all this rain, I was able to break them out. They aren't quite the same, but I like them anyway. I just had to take pictures in them. Now I can't wait for more rain!

I did find out that despite the grippy rubber sole, they don't do well down slippery and muddy wooden stairs. I discovered this sliding down my back stairs on my butt. Next time I know to change shoes before I head down the stairs.


  1. Love your outfit! That skirt is such a great colour. I have a pair of astrakhan trimmed galoshes from the 40s that I'm yet to wear outside, one day soon I'll pluck up the courage.

    Ruby xx

    1. I have to admit, it was your post on instagram of your shoes that inspired this post. My shoes are similar to yours. :)

  2. PS I want your house

    Ruby xx