How to Be Glamorous in 90 Minutes

This is the third and final installment on how to be glamorous with limited time. 

  • You'll have time to add a switch of hair or experiment with your accessories.  But, if you do decide to wear a chignon, or sport a tiny tiara, don't overload the glamour so that you'll be weighed down by it. A simple hair-do allows you to indulge in striking and even huge accessories.  But, put a heavy switch together with fussy bangs, cascade rhinestone earrings and a heavy rhinestone necklace, and what do you have?  A walking jewelry shop.
  • There's a large selection of hair ornaments that are not only glamorous but practical, too.  If your hair has a tendency to wisp so that even a fixative doesn't help, wear a band of pearls around your head.  The band may enable you to fix an elegant French twist.  Or, if you dress your hair in a pony tail during the day, loop it up into a mock bun for glamour-nights.  Cover the bun with a tiny cap of artificial flowers, or encircle it with a band of rhinestones. Straggly ends can be hidden by a sophisticated chignon and the dramatic effect of a Spanish comb.  

  • When you try out accessories in front of the mirror, don't' forget that your earrings must balance with the total effect of you.  Be sure that they're suitable for the mood, and that they fill the gap between the lobe of the ear and the edge or you hair.  Except for classic pearl earrings, irregular earrings usually are the more attractive than symmetrical ones.  The irregular lines will look airy and delicate, even though the earrings may actually be quite large.  If you want a severe hair style for evening, accessorize and dramatize it with large or unusual earrings. But if you are aiming for a fluffy, feminine style, don't make it fussier with an over-ornate earring.  Choose instead a simple style, perhaps of the button type.  Choose elaborate earrings to contrast with a simple hair style.  Intricate earrings add excitement and allure to a classic page boy, but too much glitter will spoil the effect of a carefully-designed, involved hair style.

  • For that very gala affair you're going to you'll really want to dazzle, and a formal evening out may call for a hair-do that falls just this side of the spectacular.  If you want a fabulous hair-do with clusters of curls or heavy twists or braids, add extra tresses - store-bought tresses - without any compunction.  Add a coronet or pony tail for a change in mood, but remember that the quick switch should still be you.  If you're very young, steer away from a sophisticated up-swept style, and if you've outgrown your bobby sox, don't coyly add a pony tail, or expect startled stares.  If you don't want to invest a week's pay in a few switches for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, you'll probably buy one that is made of Dynel, a man-made fiber that looks very much like real hair.  You can, have a Dynel switch custom-blended of colors that are similar to your own.  If you want to tone down their gloss, rub a little talcum into it and you'll achieve a more natural look. 

  • A stick of lacquer will keep your hair in place all evening. Purse-sized, they're easy to carry, use.

  • You can set and dry your hair within 90 minutes.  Dryer stand frees your hands to apply make-up.
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  1. A stick of hair lacquer? Boy times were different.

    I loved this series so much. Just so much fun to read about their little routines.