Knitting Patterns

Among the massive amount of things I went through at the estate, was a box of patterns. There were several crochet patterns, sewing patterns for dolls, sewing patterns for kids, but only a two soiled slips of papers that were knitting patterns. I assume that she got these free somewhere along the way. The daughter told me that her mother didn't sew, knit, or crochet. She just collected things. I'm glad she did though. Now, I have something to share with you.

The first pattern is a chunky cardigan in sizes 12 - 18. It features oversized buttons, and a striped pattern. You can click on the picture to get a larger version.

The second pattern is a fringed mock turtleneck sweater and matching hat. It is for sizes 10 - 16. 

I would love to see the finished product if anyone decides to knit these sweaters. Feel free to drop me a line with photos.


  1. Love the top one! Think I need to get knitting me one... xx

    1. When I first pulled them out of the box, I thought, Oooo something I can have Kitty Lou knit for me. But, then I decided I didn't need any more cardigans. :) I would love see the finished product if you do knit it.