October 12, 1952

I have such great news, Diary! After working at the McCoy Agency for a year as a file clerk, I got promoted. Mr. Fisher said I was doing a great job. I am going to be one of the typist. The job is for typing up insurance contracts. With the raise I'll be getting, I will be able to afford that apartment I have had my eye on. Well, it's more like a room, but it is a place of my own. Oh! Won't it be wonderful, Diary? A little place all to myself. I am going to put a deposit on it right after work tomorrow. Tonight I am going out with Bev to celebrate. We're going to head over to the Cozy Cafe for a bite. Afterward we are going to see a picture show. I hope Bev wants to see Singing in the Rain. I sure do. Gene Kelly is so dreamy. That's all for now!

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