October 13, 1952

Today is a wonderful day. I start in my new position on Monday. I put a deposit on the room an hour ago. I move in this weekend. I don't have much yet, but all I need for now are my clothes and my phonograph. I hope I can have a little housewarming party once I get settled in. I can invite Bev, Lola, and the girls at work.

The room is quaint. It has three windows which bring in lots of morning sun. There is the main room and a bathroom. The kitchenette includes a hot plate. But, that's ok. I don't know how to cook yet. I might be the only girl who doesn't. I'll learn some day. Right now I have more important things to work out; my future!

Oh Bev said I could borrow her camera anytime I want to take photos of my new place. I have a feeling things are going to work out just fine. Well, I am much too sleepy to continue writing, Diary. Until tomorrow.

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