October 20, 1952

This was the third day as a typist and things are not going any better with the other girls. I asked Lois if she wanted to go to lunch, but she said no too. This is really starting to hurt my feelings. Mr. Fisher called me into the office again today. He said that there is a company dinner at his home that he would like me to attend. Maybe I will get to meet more people in the company. It will also be nice to dress up and go out. I don't have a thing to wear. I'll see if Bev or Lola will let me borrow something.

I went to a new record store after work. The one I had been going to didn't have a lot of selection in the music I liked. As soon as I walked in, I saw him. The most gorgeous man I have ever seen. He is tall and slender with a smile that will just make you melt. He helped me find a new record that is amazing as well. I could never tell my friends about him. They just wouldn't understand. I hope I can see him again soon. I just have to figure out how.

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