October 22, 1952

Things at work are the same. It has been almost a week, and the girls haven't warmed up to me. I am learning to just keep to myself and do my work. My fingers aren't as sore as they were. I am getting used to the work. I am making less mistakes too. At least I can look forward to seeing Lilly when I come home. She cuddles with me at night. Such a cute cat.

Tonight is the night that Mr. Fisher is having a company dinner. I borrowed a dress from Bev. I promised not to get anything on the dress, since it is a Don Loper. Lola let me borrow one of her hats that goes with the dress beautifully. I have an old handbag and gloves that I will wear tonight. I am a little nervous, because I don't know whom I am going to meet. I only know Mr. Fisher, the other typists, and Betty the file clerk that worked with me. I do hope Betty is there with her beau. I haven't seen her since I got promoted. She was always pleasant to work with. She would never treat me like these other girls do.  I should stop thinking about the past. If I don't hurry and get ready, I will be late!


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