November 27, 1952

I am having a quiet evening at home. Eddie has a business meeting today. I don't understand why there are business meetings on the weekend. But, I guess I don't understand much about business. I am getting ready for Monday when I'll be starting as Eddie's secretary. I still haven't figured out what I am going to wear. It's a big day for me.

Bev is moving to California in a couple of weeks. Her boyfriend is going with them.  Her dad got him a job in the company. They are planning on being married after he saves enough money to start them off. It will be quite lonely when she is gone. Lola starts school next fall, but she's going to move out there in the summer so that she can get used to the area. I never thought that the three of us would ever be separated.

Eddie got me some records, since all of my old records were destroyed. Sometimes I think he is completely out of touch with what's new. Most of what he got me was from a few years ago. I guess it's ok. I still like the music, but it's all from when I was in high school.

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