November 29, 1952

Today was my first day as Eddie's secretary. I have never been to the floor where he works. It was nothing like I expected. Well, knowing Eddie, I should have expected it. Everything was very modern. All the furnishings looked brand new. His office was quite spacious. There are two large windows at the far end of his room. The barkcloth curtains are in masculine shapes of colors of green and red. He has a large abstract oil painting between the windows. It is similar to the mural he has at home. I suspect he had the same artist paint it. In front of the windows sits his desk. There are two padded scooped back chairs sitting in front of his desk. Near the door on the right, there is a lounge area with a leather sofa chair and a glass coffee table. To the left of the door he has his cabinet of drinks. It is closed at all times, and I suppose that it for the nights he works late.

My desk is large too, but it isn't a normal shaped desk. It swoops, sort of like a kidney bean. There is a raised top that looks like it is on stilts in the same shape and the base of the desk. I also have barkcloth in similar colors as the ones in his office. Also, I have a seating area with a large stiff couch and wooden coffee table. It's all very new to me.

So far, there hasn't been much to do. The phone rang a few times. I think I did alright answering it. I took a long lunch. Eddie didn't seem to mind. Tomorrow I might do some shopping.

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