April 30, 1953

Since I don't have any money, or anyone to take me out, I have spent the evening in my room. I never finished East of Eden. I was too depressed to even read. And the thickness of the book was a bit overwhelming. I started reading it again last night. I am about half way through now. It's a good novel. I have enjoyed Steinbeck's novels such as Of Mice and Men. His stories are easy to follow. I'm not much into the pretentious stuff. I like to read for me. I find no sense in boasting in the books one reads.

I can't stop thinking about the article I read the other day about Queen Elizabeth. The part I can't get out of my head is the box talking about her jewels. What amazing jewels she must have! The one that sounded the most amazing was a floral diamond tiara. The diamonds form three large roses. It was a wedding present from Nizam of Hyderbad. Doesn't that sound divine?! Oh, to have such things!

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