May 2, 1953

Today was my first day at work. For the first half of my day I was trained in my new job as a receptionist. In the afternoon there was a company picnic. It was a fairly warm day. It was nice to be outside. Everyone brought their family. I didn't bring anyone, since I haven't really met anyone in this city yet. It was nice weather, and the food was good. But, it made me rather sad. It seemed as though everyone was married and had a family. It made me feel left out. Sometimes I feel as though I will never get married. I know that I have a few more years before I really have to start worrying, but I sometimes feel like the clock is ticking. When my coworkers found out that I was soon to be 21, and not married, they quickly started making plans for me to meet other young men.  Maybe one of them will work out. I guess it doesn't hurt to go on a couple of dates.

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  1. Love the new look of Ruby's diary. It feels so much more personal now. Keep writing, sweetheart, and let me know if there are any particular pictures you want or need.