New shoes!

Ok. I admit it.  I may be a little behind times. Every vintage girl out there has at least one pair of saddle shoes. I didn't - until yesterday. I toyed with the idea. I even bought a pair from Payless Shoes years ago. But, not only were they uncomfortable, I just felt silly. I felt like a bobby soxer, which isn't quite my style. I feel a little old to act or look like a teenager. But, these shoes just kept calling me. Occasionally I would look for a pair, even going back to look at the Payless version. I just couldn't get myself to buy another pair. None of them seemed quite right, quite authentic enough.

A few weeks ago I was going through my usual morning routine, and reading one of my favorite blogs - Retro Renovation.. Pam had a post about things made in the US, including shoes. These shoes were a little too granny for me, but in the comments someone posted another site - Muffy's Shoes. This site boasts to be the ultimate source for saddle shoes. They aren't kidding! It took me a couple days before I made up mine mind which ones I was going to order first. I decided on a pair of black and gray ones. I figured they would let me ease my way into this style without feeling totally silly. I also thought they would be the most versatile with my wardrobe.

I received them yesterday. I love the way they look. I am so excited about my new shoes that I wore them to work today. So, far they are pretty comfortable. They are a little stiff, but of course that will lessen once they are broken in. I can't wait to get more.

If you are looking for the perfect saddle shoe in a variety of colors, check out Muffys. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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