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I love my 99 year old apartment. I love the charm and the location. I love how it feels like home. What I don't love is my insomniac neighbor and our squeaky floors. I've tried everything these last three years. I've written her letters and notes. I've talked to her. I have made suggestions about things that would help her sleep. I am so tired of constantly complaining that I've stopped. I wear earplugs to bed; the best I can find. I have a noise machine near my head. But, none of this helps 100%. Short of putting an anti gravity machine in her apartment so that I won't hear the heavy footsteps, the things that drop on the floor, and the furniture sliding across the floor, there is nothing I can think of to help this problem.

Last night was the worst. With only four hours of sleep, she is now spending the morning cleaning her apartment. I wouldn't normally mind the noise during the day, but when I've been kept up all night, it can be nerve grading to hear it during the day too.

We spend so much time making our place of dwelling a home, that we just want some peace -- and quiet. Moving is not an option. And living in apartments is always a gamble. What are some of the neighbor issues you have dealt with? What have you done to resolve those issues? Do you have any suggestions that would make my living situation bearable?

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