Hair Chameleon

I've been changing my hair color frequently since I started putting Sun In in my hair at the age of 15. By the time I was 17, my hair changed almost monthly. My favorite colors were purple red (burgundy) and bleached blonde. Fortunately, my hair can take a lot of abuse. I may not like much about my hair, but the fact that it can take such abuse makes me happy. I started this blog after dying my hair a red that I had never been before. I had that color for over a year. It started to become my identity. I think that this color suited my personality. Though, I have since changed my hair color, a little piece of me still considers myself as a red head.

Along with trying different colors, I've also tried different cuts. When I was a pre teen, my hair was down past my back end. I remember getting it caught in everything, and even sitting on it when I took a seat. My parents frustrated with my tender headedness, and not being able to take care of my own hair, urged me to cut it. I cut quite a bit off (to the middle of my back) and never stopped. When I was 15, I cut it super short for the first time. I have gone back and forth between medium length and short hair ever since. For the time, I'm letting it grow - that is until I get sick of it and cut it off again.

I don't really have a favorite length or color. I enjoy being able to change my look with just a quick trip to the salon. Sometimes I miss being the red head I was a few months ago, but for now I am rocking the dark brunette hair. What are some of your hair stories?

The natural:

The blonde:

The brunette:

The red: