Vintage party of one

In all my efforts to try to get someone to be as passionate about vintage as I am, I have not yet found that person. So, I continue to live this life solo. Most of my friends are used to me dressing up, and have accepted it. Though, some wish that I didn't. It can be hard to have this obsession without any one to share it with. Almost always I am the only one dressed vintage in a group of "normal" looking people. I don't get too many stares, but I think that goes along with living in a city full of people who accept nuances. I feel more myself when I am dressed up, and feel more self conscious when I am not. I sometimes wish I could wear a badge that says Yes! I am vintage, or something to that effect, so that everyone knows who I truly am. I love to share my vintage knowledge. If given the chance, I can talk an ear off. I try to control myself the best I can, but when you have such a passion for something, it isn't easy. Maybe someday I will find that vintage partner in crime.


  1. I think you just gave me an idea for my wedding. Like you, I love vintage fashion and style. I could find New York wedding caterers and start planning.

  2. Just found your blog via the blog of Vintage Rose where we both made a comment on living vintage in a modern world—and here I am, browsing the pages of an obviously kindred spirit on the other side of the planet. Isn't it wonderful how small this big planet—or how big this small planet—has become in the digital age...! I can relate to evetything you say. As a vintage person, right from my values in ethics & arts down to the skirts & gidles & stockings I wear doesn't make it easier to find a true partner in life...

    A strange fact, in a way—but still a fact!

    Anyway, if you don't mind I'm going to follow your wonderful blog.