Garage Sale Finds

A few weeks ago, my friend told me about an annual blocks long garage sale. I love garage sales. So, I made arrangements to meet her in the morning to go treasure hunting. We met at a restaurant, and started the morning  each with a bellini.  Then we made our way down six plus blocks (both sides) of vendors. Not only were there people selling their possessions, but there were a ton of food vendors. I settled on Salvadorian chicken tamales, which were delicious. Prior to starting our adventure, my friend told me that every year she makes a wish list, and every year she finds exactly what was on her wish list. I didn't believe her. The stuff I had been looking for had eluded me for years - especially one item. As I walked along the streets, trying to find something to spend my money on, I saw it. It was the perfect color too!

I had been looking for a white metal cabinet with formica top. This one was in great condition. The formica top was yellow, the color of my kitchen - where the cabinet was to go. It wasn't just any yellow. It was a vibrant sunny yellow that made me smile. I don't like to haggle. I am just not good at it. I will just walk away from an item, if I feel it is too expensive. I didn't have to walk away from this perfect item. It was a good price. I bought the cabinet and was on a high for several days afterward. It fit perfectly in my kitchen area. It also gives me more room to store my pantry items.

The other item I had been keeping my eyes open for, was a Scott paper towel holder. I had seen plenty of these on ebay, but never at a price I wanted to pay, especially the new ones. I came across one sitting on a table of an older gentlemen's sale. I picked it up, pulled it out of the box, and stared at it longing to be able to put it up in my kitchen. I was scared to ask how much it was, figuring it was more than I could afford. The gentlemen saw me looking at it, and told me it was collectible. Of course I knew this, but it made me even more scared to find out the price he was asking. I thought to myself, though, that if I walked away from it, without asking the price, I'd beat myself up later. So, I bit my lip, and mustered up the courage to ask. He said $3. My mouth dropped. I said you just sold it! I gave him the money, and skipped away happy. You can see the holder in the picture above. The box had wonderful graphics with the price tag still attached. It was marked as a color of ivory, but looks more like a butter yellow - which of course fits into my yellow kitchen.

I now believe my friend when she said that she find everything on her wish list. Things are so much more exiting when you find them at a good deal at a thrift store or garage sale, instead of buying things on ebay. It is the thrill of the hunt to find that one item you love in a pile of stuff you don't. I am already looking forward to next year's event!

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  1. Wow, such great finds! I'm in love with your new cabinet. I would love to join you for next year's garage sale event!