Getting ready for summer

Living in San Francisco, I don't get many opportunities to dress in cute summer clothes. Most days, even during typical summer months, I must leave the apartment with some kind of jacket and layers. I don't mind too much, but some days I long for my skin to soak up the summer rays. In preparation for the warmer temperatures we usually get in the fall, I started shopping for some halter tops on Etsy. The seller Southern Vintage Store, had just the cuteness I was looking for. I picked out two tops, one a 40s style, and one a 50s style. The 40s style I got in leopard print. The 50s top, I got in black and white gingham, which I have a weakness for. I am quite pleased. But, before I get to wear them, I must go back to the gym!

Another warm weather preparation I must do is to lose the extra weight I have put on over the last few years. After having surgery a couple months ago, I stopped going to the gym, and gave myself permission to eat whatever I wanted. Big mistake. So, I have to buckle down, and work hard. In the meantime, enjoy the photos  that Southern Vintage Store sent me of the completed tops.

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