Hair care questions from 1959

Teens Ask Toni

Q. How should I set my hair to get a smooth look?  I haven't had much luck with pincurls.

A. You don't need luck - just some large wire rollers! (The larger the diameter the smoother the set.) Rollers lend that little bend that lets your hair brush into shape softly... sleekly.  They're mainly for smooth lifts, and add height or puffiness to your hair style.  Some rollers have little built-in brushes: "guardian angels" for wayward ends.  Your smooth-look set really lasts when you team it with a soft home permanent... top-grade.  The reason? Body - that holds any style like mad.  Without "squiggles." Or nagging pin-up chores.

Q.  What's a good way to tell which hairdo's best for me?

A.  Don't just follow the fad-mad crowd.  Your hairstyle should suit your figure and face.  To find your face shape do this: Slick (and pin) your hair back from your hairline.  Stand 8 inches from a mirror; close one eye.  Now, trace the outline of your face on the mirror with soap.  Next?  Let Carol Douglas send you styling tips you can choose from to flatter your kind of face... (round, square, triangular, heart shaped - or what have you!)

Q.  People who say my snub nose is cute - can have it!  Could you suggest a "lengthener"?

A.  "Pulling out" a snub-deb's nose takes doing! Smart hair-doing - that pulls her public eye up and away from her nose.  Try a soft, simple style with curl interest at the brow.  Too, remember that shortish hair helps balance off-beat features.  You'll find a good permanent gives your shorter hair the body it needs to stay stylable, wiltless....all through the muggiest months.

Q.  I love to swim, but what hairstyle can I wear - without looking like a water spaniel after every dunking?

A.  Even the snuggest swim cap can't always prevent some seepage.  To avoid a lank, seaweed look - your hair needs a short fluffy "do" that keeps its curve-appeal.  As for buoying up those ringlets - have you heard about the new, breeze-easy way to put Toni's famous Hidden Body in your hair?  No more mixing, fixing, "dunking" with watery neutralizers.  New No-Mix Toni has a neutralizer already mixed. It's the neatest!

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