Tips for setting hair

My favorite way to curl my hair is using socks as rag curlers. I find that I can easily control the tightness of the curl by using more or less socks, or by using thicker or thinner socks. Also, they are much easier to sleep in than curlers. I haven't perfected the pin curl. So, for me sock curlers are the way to go.

For those who have problems with frizzy curls, here are some suggestions right out of the 1950s:

There is one general rule that makes hair setting a success, whether your hair be long or short: it is not advisable to set your hair while it is wet. We hair that is allowed to dry during the curling process will emerge kinky and sausage-tight. A better method is to set your hair when it is dry and then wrap your head turban-fashion, with a towel that has been wrung out in very hot water. The steam from the towel will penetrate the rolled-up curls and dampen each slightly. This dampness will be sufficient to give each curl the required amount of moisture to make it set, but not so much that the curl is drowned. 

Let the towel turban remain on your head for five minutes. Then remove it, and put a net around your head to hold the curls in place. Allow your hair about fifteen minutes' time to dry out completely.  When you unfurl your curls, lo and behold, you will discover that your hair is soft and delicate, not frizzed.  This curl, by the way, will withstand any amount of brushing. Don't be afraid to attack your hair  after it has been set. Curl will not come out if it has been properly set and if the hair is truly dry. 


  1. This is soooo helpful, thanks for posting! I haven't tried a pincurl set yet, but I've been trying the "sock bun" curls. I've always set them right after the shower and they fall out just after a few hours. I've always just thought it was because my hair was slippery. Now, I will try your method and pray for better results! Thanks!!!

  2. I'm always looking for ways to tame the curls/frizz, and never would have thought to try this method. Will give it a shot sometime.