Resources For Learning How to do Vintage Hairstyles

As mentioned in the prior post, I didn't start doing my own hair until two or three years ago. Prior to that, I would either dress up with straight hair, or con someone else into doing my hair (usually my mother). When I moved farther away, I realized that I was going to have to learn how to do it myself. Fortunately, by this time there were lots of resources via the internet that weren't available in the mid to late 90s, when I first started collecting. I ate up what I could find whether it be bloggers, YouTube videos, or forums. I did not leave a stone unturned. I even reached out to a couple people whose hair I admired. I still have a lot to learn, but at least I can make myself presentable now. Below are some of the invaluable resources that tremendously helped me.

This publisher reproduces books on just about every topic, including hair. They have 1940s and 1950s hair styling books. I have added just about every book to my library. There storefront is on Amazon under Bramcost Publications. 

I also picked up old magazines and brochures where I could find them. Though, these are quite complicated for me, they give an idea of how original styles were structured. I even had a stack of old hairdressing magazines, but sadly, I had to sell them long before I started this blog. Most of what I have found since then has been uploaded and scanned with the label hair

The biggest learning experience I received was when I had my hair styled for the film my friends and I created. I presented the stylist with a booklet I ordered from Etsy. She tried to recreate the style that I had chosen. While she was working on my hair, I learn the great art of pinning my hair where I wanted it to be. I hadn't thought about using bobby pins prior to that. Now I rarely go out with out have 14 million bobby pins in my hair.

Vintage forums were a great help as well. There were two in particular that I often referred to. Those were The Fedora Lounge and Vintage Hair. Blogs were a help as well whether they were dedicated to vintage hair styles such as Vintage Flair.

And finally YouTube videos where I could actually see step by step how to set my hair were great. Two of my favorites are below. What are some of your hair styling resources?

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