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Styling my hair has been a real learning curve for me. I've never been that good at doing my hair. And, even after doing it myself for a couple years, I still don't do a lot of experimentation. I basically stick to the same sets with rag curlers or foam rollers. I keep telling myself that one day I'll try something different, but I rarely have time. Usually I set my hair when I need to go somewhere the next day. I don't have time to do something that won't work out. What I have tired, though, is different setting lotions - not many, but a few. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to my hair. When I first did my research, everyone was using Lottabody. But, I don't want to take the time to dilute anything. So, I tried another product.

Once again, I am lazy, and I tend to purchase most of my items online. Sally's Beauty Supply was the one place I knew had a variety of products. So, I looked at the website and picked out Proclaim Super Setting Lotion. Their schtick, which may be the same as Lottabody, is that it is supposed to improve the texture of your hair. I have fairly straight hair. It only has a slight wave to it, which is mostly noticeable when it is shorter than my shoulders. It likes to flip up no matter what I do. But, it also doesn't like to keep a curl. Growing up, my hair would be almost flat by the end of the day. And, a heated set never stays more than a couple of hours. So, even though I hadn't used any other setting solutions, I was pretty impressed with how my hair held with Proclaim. Also, my hair stayed soft, no matter how much solution I put in my hair. 

This came in quite a large bottle. It lasted me a good year. But, the time came when the bottle became close to empty, and I knew I had to go to buy more. This time I decided to go to the store. I looked for Proclaim, but couldn't find it. So, I settled on another one that looked similar. It was called Ultra Sheen. 

Again, it does not have to be diluted. It also says that it is supposed to improve the structure of your hair. By now, my hair was remembering that it was supposed to curl, and my curls were lasting longer. But, I wasn't as happy with this solution as I had been with Proclaim. Despite the fact that my hair was getting used to being curled, my curls became a bit droopy by the end of the day - not completely, but definitely not as tight as they would have been with Proclaim. I also noticed that if I put too much in my hair, or if I put it in my hair dry, my hair would be a bit crunchy when I took my setting out, though it did become soft after it was brushed. Even with over half a bottle left, I decided to try something else.

I looked at Sally's online again, and picked out one that had a good review by someone who does vintage styles with their hair. I decided to go to the store since I would be in the area. The product is called Elan and is made by Wella, but they didn't have it in the store. So, I decided to try Motions, since I have heard other vintage girls like it. 

I chose the extra firm hold and put a generous amount in my hair. The next morning, my bangs looked a little greasy. So, I guess next time I shouldn't put as much solution in my hair. But, the hold was comparable to Proclaim. The setting seemed a little tighter at first, but relaxed a bit after a couple of hours. . I was very disappointed, though, in the next day. I typically don't get more than one day out of my set because I put so much hairspray in my hair it is impossible to comb out. But, with Proclaim, I could get another day, if I really tried. The day after using Motions, my curl had relax so much that I was left with barely any curl. 

Out of the three, I like Proclaim the best. I would still like to try Elan. So, anyone has tried it, I'd love to hear what you think. Or, if you have any other recommendations, I'd love to hear those too.

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