United States Rationing Posters

I have read several articles about women following a ration diet and losing weight. This intrigued me. With looming furloughs on the near horizon, and with wanting to lose a few pounds, I have searched for examples of recipes using ration points. What I have found, though, has been for the United Kingdom, and sadly I don't know how to convert measurements (nor do I really know how to cook). There doesn't seem to be much for the United States. However, I did come across these fun propaganda posters. The posters below are ones that I especially enjoyed. Now back to my search for war time recipes.

For more posters check out the Illinois Archive


  1. These are really great! Just the other day I was wondering if the US also rationed.

  2. Marvelous WW2 posters - the canning and Bambi-esque forest critter ones have long been two of my very favourites from that era. Canada produced quite a few civic duty/propaganda posters of this nature during those years, too, but IMO, no country excelled at them quite like the US.

    ♥ Jessica