My perfect pair of every day jeans

I hate jean shopping. I don't think they make jeans to fit any shape. My problem is I am much larger in the bottom than I am in my waist. So, I end up getting the dreaded gap back. Or, if I get them to fit my hips/butt, they fall down in the waist. 

I also don't have time to dress up every day. I love my Freddies, but I don't feel comfortable dressing in them when I haven't set my hair (though, I've seen other girls do this and they look fab, I don't think I could pull it off as well). I wanted to find a pair of jeans that I could look vintage inspired without having to plan my whole day setting my hair and what not. Also, over the last six months or so, I've gotten very lazy. My uniform on the weekends have been the same stripped shirt and jeans. I wanted to change that, but couldn't find a pair of jeans that went higher than my mid hip. Nor, could I find something that wouldn't break the bank.

Recently, my go to jeans fell apart. I was dreading plunking down a bunch of cash  for a pair of jeans I didn't totally love. I decided to give Levi's a chance. I hadn't tried them in over a decade. And, at that time, they didn't make jeans for girls with hips. I knew that they came out with the Curve ID recently. So, I decided to give them a shot. Of course, the Curve ID guide wasn't working, which was probably the best thing that could have happened. I decided to go for a pair of dark wash (I love dark wash, and can rarely find them dark enough to suit my tastes) high rise which were on sale for $40 (my price range).  I figured at that price, if they didn't work out, not a lot of money was lost.

But, when they arrived, I knew I was going to love them. I did have to go up two sizes, but they are the most comfortable pair of jeans I have ever worn. They have quite a bit of stretch without looking thin and cheap. They hit me at my belly button; high enough to be able to wear some of my vintage blouses. And, they don't look like mom jeans.  I loved them so much, I went back and bought three more pairs. 

The ones I bought were the 512 Perfectly Slimming Bootcut. I do prefer a straight leg, but the boot cut had the color I wanted. I bought two pairs of the indigo rinse, one pair in black, and one pair of straight legs. The straight legged jeans sit about a half an inch lower - or right at the top of the hip. But, they are still just as comfortable. The beauty about these is right now there is 20% off the sale price by using code FEBPI14 good through March 31, 2014.


  1. I Hate shopping in general, but especial for any form of pants. I'm too short!! In the leg and in the waist. I usually just stick with dresses and skirts, but I do love my Freddies!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  2. I know I'm late but I just saw this post and decided to give these a try. They are on sale and also have an extra 30% coupon! Thanks for the tip!