3-Day New-Woman Beauty Plan

Once again, I was able to help a friend go through their mother's things after her passing. Even though it is a very emotional time, being able to provide assistance during these times of need is something I enjoy. Not only am I able to share my talents, but I also have a little part in preserving history. Plus, it is fun to look through old things and seeing each family's history.

As before, I was able to find some things that I can share with you. One of those things were clippings from a magazine article on how to make yourself over in just three days. I hope you enjoy these instructions as much as I did. Soon I hope to be able to share more information on how to be the perfect vintage glamorous you.


  1. What a touching thing to do to be there to help your friend, I am sure it made the whole thing easier for them! And thank you for sharing this it is wonderful, become a new woman in three days, well its certainly worth a try :-)

  2. This article was awesome! I chuckled pretty hard. ;)