My Wish List - Brooches

Every Friday, I become painfully aware of my lack of novelty brooches as I scroll through the many Instagram photos. I hope to be able to participate in #noveltybroochfriday more this coming year. Here are a few brooches on my wish list.

This horse head brooch from Demure Couture , would go nicely with my Atomic Swag Range Rider tee.

I am a secret Star Trek fan. What better way to show it off with this vintage inspired Desperate Beatnik brooch set?

I actually do have a painter's palate brooch that needs to be restored. But, I do like this plain one from Recycle America

I like to bowl. I'm not very good at it, but I find it fun. So, this bowling themed bakelite brooch is right up my alley! (Pun totally intended).) It comes from Perfect Surprise.

Another copper brooch, but this time enameled. This bird pin comes from Pie in the Sky Vintage.  

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