On My Wish List, Work Edition

Since I live in a city without a car, my primary form of transportation are my feet. I don't tend to walk much more than a mile one way, but even that amount of walking can put wear and tear on shoes. I am constantly looking for vintage style shoes that would be great for walking. I keep thinking that once I find these miracle shoes, I'll start wearing dresses to work. But, most likely I'll stick to slacks.  I can still dream, though. Here is my wish list for work appropriate attire.

I really do love loafers. And, these two tone loafers from Rocket Originals are beyond adorable.

I have several pairs of Re-Mix Vintage Shoes, but never seem to have enough. These would look fabulous with a pair of slacks as well as a dress. They could even be worn with shorts on the weekend. 

I love fragrances. Sadly, I don't get to really wear them anymore since I have an asthmatic cat. But, I would love to know what this Besame fragrance smells like.

These slacks are pretty dreamy. This is the kind of style that I tend to wear for work.

And, what better way to top off those slacks with a cute 40s style sweater. This one is from Kitty Lou.

Finally, adding a little pizzazz with Erstwilder cat brooch.

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