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Jantzen Suit from Popina Review

I was contacted by the lovely folks over at Popina to do a swimsuit review. A couple years ago, I won a suit from Popina, and did a blog post. Once again it was hard to chose a suit with so many cute ones available. But, I settled on the Jantzen Vamp Maillot suit in red. I was told that these suits run a little small. So, I went with a size ten. I had no trouble getting the suit on. Once on, it was quite comfortable. I could move freely without anything riding or feeling awkward.

This particular suit comes with a detachable halter strap. I chose to wear the strap since I am small busted (no nip slips needed here!). It also has a tie in the back, which is more than just a decorative piece. It allows the top to be adjusted to give more room or to give a better fit. The bust is lined enough to give coverage without looking like a cone bust. Also, the modesty skirt give that extra bit to help hide those insecure areas.

This, like their other suits, are quality suits. I feel like I will have this suit for years to come without the slightest bit of wear. They have that vintage feel without needing to be extra careful, though the suit will still need proper care. I highly recommend Jantzen suits and Popina.

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My Wish List - Brooches

Every Friday, I become painfully aware of my lack of novelty brooches as I scroll through the many Instagram photos. I hope to be able to participate in #noveltybroochfriday more this coming year. Here are a few brooches on my wish list.

This horse head brooch from Demure Couture , would go nicely with my Atomic Swag Range Rider tee.

I am a secret Star Trek fan. What better way to show it off with this vintage inspired Desperate Beatnik brooch set?

I actually do have a painter's palate brooch that needs to be restored. But, I do like this plain one from Recycle America

I like to bowl. I'm not very good at it, but I find it fun. So, this bowling themed bakelite brooch is right up my alley! (Pun totally intended).) It comes from Perfect Surprise.

Another copper brooch, but this time enameled. This bird pin comes from Pie in the Sky Vintage.  

On My Wish List, Work Edition

Since I live in a city without a car, my primary form of transportation are my feet. I don't tend to walk much more than a mile one way, but even that amount of walking can put wear and tear on shoes. I am constantly looking for vintage style shoes that would be great for walking. I keep thinking that once I find these miracle shoes, I'll start wearing dresses to work. But, most likely I'll stick to slacks.  I can still dream, though. Here is my wish list for work appropriate attire.

I really do love loafers. And, these two tone loafers from Rocket Originals are beyond adorable.

I have several pairs of Re-Mix Vintage Shoes, but never seem to have enough. These would look fabulous with a pair of slacks as well as a dress. They could even be worn with shorts on the weekend. 

I love fragrances. Sadly, I don't get to really wear them anymore since I have an asthmatic cat. But, I would love to know what this Besame fragrance smells like.

These slacks are pretty dreamy. This is the kind of style that I tend to wear for work.

And, what better way to top off those slacks with a cute 40s style sweater. This one is from Kitty Lou.

Finally, adding a little pizzazz with Erstwilder cat brooch.

How To Date Vintage Clothing

I am by no means an expert in vintage clothing. But, I have been collecting for just shy of 20 years. Lately, I have seen quite a few listing and questions from people who are either just starting to get into vintage, starting to sell, or purging a relatives items. Most often these items get listed as the wrong decade, because the person is going just by shape or guessing on a label. I've tried to point some of these in the right direction, but doing it one at a time can be quite difficult. So, even though there are many blog posts out there on how to date vintage clothing, I'm going to do one too. I am going to focus on the 1950s, because that's what I know the best. Here are the easiest ways I know to find out if a garment is from the 50s or later. 

Zipper Type - One of the first things I learned, and still the first thing I look for, is the zipper. 9 times out of 10 if the dress or skirt has a metal zipper, it is from the early 60s or older. Though as most of us know, zippers are fairly easy to replace. Metal zippers do tend to last longer, but that doesn't mean they don't have to be replaced after 60 years. Also, living among a large Chinese population, I have seen garments from Hong Kong that used metal zippers into the 70s. So, there are some exceptions. But, most of the time this is a good indicator of age. 

Zipper Placement - Another good indication of the age of the garment is the placement of the zipper. Most pre early 60s dresses had left side seam zippers. It wasn't until the 60s that back zippers became a common practice. Occasionally there will be an older dress with a back zipper, which I have seen most often in cocktail and formal dresses. But, if the zipper is on the left side of a dress, than most likely it is pre 60s.

Union Label - This is the item that I point out to a lot of people. Not all garments had a Union label, but when they do, it is easy to narrow down the time frame. There is a great resource out there, with pictures, that I often refer to (click here). I have been wrong thinking an item was late 50s only to find a Union label that said otherwise.  Now, of course, if an item is hand made, it isn't going to have a Union label. Having a Union label is always a bonus. 

This label indicates that this garment is from 1963 - 1974.

Fiber Content - Though polyester was invented in 1941, a version of it was not used in fabrics until the early 50s under the name Dacron which was mostly used in knitwear. The infamous polyester as we know it was used in clothing much more in the mid 60s and later. Also, in 1960 fiber content labels were required in garments. So, if one exists, it is most likely not older than 1960. 

Sizing - Vintage sizes were different than modern vanity sizing. A size 2 did not exist in the 1950s. Matter of fact, Marilyn Monroe was said to be a size 12, which is by far different than modern size 12s. Like today, women's sizes were even numbers, the most common sizes being from 12 to 20. If a garment has a number smaller than 10 (9 in juniors), most likely that item is not from the 1950s. A 1950s size 12 measures approximately 34 inch bust, 25 inch waist, 36 inch hips. If a garment says  it is a size 12, but is much larger than these measurements, then it isn't from the 1950s.

This label comes from a dress that has a metal side zipper, but the fiber content on the label makes this dress most likely from the early 60s. 

Typically these five items will get you in the ballpark on dating an item. If none of these items apply, feel free to reach out to any of the vintage bloggers out there. They will be more than happy to share their knowledge with you. After all, if we weren't passionate about it, we wouldn't blog about it.

3-Day New-Woman Beauty Plan

Once again, I was able to help a friend go through their mother's things after her passing. Even though it is a very emotional time, being able to provide assistance during these times of need is something I enjoy. Not only am I able to share my talents, but I also have a little part in preserving history. Plus, it is fun to look through old things and seeing each family's history.

As before, I was able to find some things that I can share with you. One of those things were clippings from a magazine article on how to make yourself over in just three days. I hope you enjoy these instructions as much as I did. Soon I hope to be able to share more information on how to be the perfect vintage glamorous you.

Need to Pay Some Bills

I have many things in my closet that I have outgrown (gained too much weight), or no longer need. Since I am a bit short on funds for some bills, I decided that I should have one epic sale. I've listed about half of the items so far. All listings are starting off at 99 cents, including some never worn  Freddies jeans I'll be listing in a few days. Check out some of the items below. To bid on them, go here.