October 17, 1952

It's a raining day today. Perfect for staying inside my cozy little room. I heated some water on my hot plate, and am sipping tea in front of the windows. Lola let me have one of her skirts for my first day at my new position tomorrow. It's a cute wool skirt with yellow and gray stripes. Perfect for the cold weather coming our way.

I hope that I do well as a typist. I learned to type in high school. I was the top in my class. Despite that I am quite nervous, but excited too. I haven't met the girls I will be working with. I hope they are nice. I hope they like me. I'd like to make new friends. It's going to be quite lonely here soon. The boy that Bev met at work finally asked her out on a date. Lola is going away to school next spring. But, I will make do. I have had disappointments and heartaches in life before. There's no use in feeling self pity.

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