November 7, 1952

Diary, this weekend will be one I will never forget. I brought my stuff over to Bev's to get ready for the date. I wore that pretty blue green sweater set that Edward let me buy. Bev and I took silly photos before Edward picked me up. He took me to dinner, and we went dancing again. When I got home, there were firetrucks everywhere! My apartment building was on fire! All I could do was cry. Someone saved Lilly. I am so happy my cat is safe. But, everything else I owned is damaged. I have never had this happen. It is so devastating. My first apartment, what I worked so hard to get, is gone.  I guess it's good I didn't own a lot of things.

Edward took Lilly and me back to Bev's. Her mom made up the spare bedroom. Edward found me a one bedroom apartment in a nicer neighborhood today. He is renting it for me until I can get on my feet.The apartment is already furnished. I never thought I could live in a place like this. He said we can have a little cocktail party here next week to make it feel like home.  He also took me shopping for clothes. He helped me pick out some stuff that he'd like to see me wear. I feel so overwhelmed. I am still sad about my old apartment, but I have new stuff I could never own before. I even have furs of my own!

Tonight will be the first night in my new apartment. Lilly seems to feel right at home. I hope I can sleep tonight.

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