January 3, 1953

We have been rehearsing so much, I have hardly had time to think about anything else. I'm back in my own apartment. Nothing happened while Eddie was staying here. It is nice to be home again, but I'm still nervous about all the happenings lately.

Eddie still doesn't know where I have been spending my time. Peter has been keeping up the excuses for me. Although, I'm not sure if Eddie even notices. He's been so busy at work lately. He works late, and is back in the office first thing in the morning. Poor guy. I wish he wouldn't work so hard.

I got my first letter from Bev. They are settling quickly into their new home. Her boyfriend is enjoying his new job. They plan on getting married in the spring. She really loves California, and hopes that I will be able to visit soon. She also enclosed a ton of photographs of her new city.

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