Family Tree

A friend and I were talking about our grandparents and the things they had to endure. She told me a little about her grandfather's life leaving China in the 1950s, and starting a new life in the United States. She sent me some photos of his natal village. In searching for pictures of the small town (not even on a map) that my grandmother grew up in, I found a photo of a woman from the 1940s. I sent the picture to my friend, stating that this woman looked like she could be related, though I didn't really think she was. I started poking around the site where the photo came from, and realized that this woman was my grandmother's sister!

The site was created by my mom's first cousin. I have a ton of photos of my dad's side of the family, but have only seen a couple photos from my mom's. Almost all of the photos on this site where ones I hadn't seen before. There were even a photo or two with my mom in them. My mom's cousin had also done extensive research to our family's background. Some of it I knew. Some of it I didn't.

It's always fun to look at ancient family photos to try to see how the genes came down. Hope you enjoy these photos too.

Great great grandfather, Juan Estevan, was a US Marshal. He was born in 1867.

My great grandfather Manuel de Atchoa Quintana and my great grandmother Guadalupe on the left side.

Great great grandmother Maria Rumalda. She was born in 1873.

Great great great grandmother Maria Dolores on the left. She was born about 1846.

Great grandfather Manuel in 1943.

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