Faux Vintage Lingerie

When dressing vintage, I try to dress as authentic as I can right down to my skivvies. Finding the right vintage undergarments can prove frustrating. To fill up my lingerie drawer, I searched for reproduction. But, I couldn't find a lot of options out there. The few things I did find, didn't seem quite right for me and were a bit pricey. Then one day I stumbled upon Secrets in Lace. I love that they call their products "faux vintage lingerie," but really in my opinion, it's as close to vintage as I've been able to find. Yes, their panties are high waisted, just like vintage ones. Some may laugh and called them granny panties, but I adore them.

Secrets in Lace have two collections of note. There is the Bettie Page collection. What I love most about this collection are the leopard print bras, girdles, and garters. There is also the Dita collection which offers seamed stockings. Of course, there is much more to chose from than just these two collections. There are nightgowns, tap panties, and robes. They even have blouses.

There were so many products that I wanted, but had to limit myself (for now) to a couple of items. The items that I chose were the lace trimmed retro sheer panty (pictured below) and the Bettie boudoir bullet bra (now out of stock). I look forward to getting more items in the future.

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