Patterns for prettier lips

Lipstick colors should work for you in two ways, accenting your natural coloring, accessorizing your clothes.  To get this double flattery, you need a basic lipstick wardrobe of at least three shades: clear red, light pink, and coral.  There are dozens of variations of these basic shades (some touched with blues, some with golds) to blend with your skin tones.

Lip tips: A brush draws the prettiest liplines.  Blot lips dry, then run brush over lipstick and outline top lip from the corner to center on each side. (Prop little finger on chin to steady hand.)  Draw lower lip in one stroke.  Fill in outline with a brush or lipstick tube.  Blot and powder lips, add a second coat of color and blot again.  Finish with a colorless liquid lip coat to prevent blurring.  Use lip coat as a first step if your lipstick tends to change color on your lips.

To accent your lipline or give a better line to lips that are not well-defined, outline lips in dark shade, fill in with a lighter tone.  Blend with your finger tip.  To even lips which don't match, color the thinner lip with light shade, the full lip with darker lipstick - they will appear even.

To widen a mouth which is too thin, outline lips a fraction of an inch beyond natural lipline.  Make lips fuller in center, add a hind of a cupid's bow at top.  To thin lips which are full, apply lipstick just inside your own liplines; let natural color act as a pale outline of mouth.

Lip tricks: Press paper over your mouth to get your lip print.  Do both sides of your mouth match?  Chances are they don't.  Pick the prettiest side - copy its lines on both sides of your mouth.  Make another print; improve its lines with a lipstick brush, cut it out, try it on. Like it?  Copy that on your lips!

-Seventeen August 1959

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful advice of yours. Your tips are also good guide on how to hide and prevent lipstick bleeding or dried chapped lips. Thank you and keep it up!