Modern Pants With a Vintage Silhouette

Leaving the house at 7 am for work every morning leaves me very little time to dress vintage every day. Usually I am in such a mad dash, that I barely have time to blow dry my bangs. As much as I would love to be able to set my hair for work, it usually is not practical. So, I try to find ways to express my vintage style while still being appropriate for work.

Another factor is my commute to work. I walk over a mile each way. I  also walk through some pretty dirty streets.  This means that I have to wear comfortable shoes, usually athletic shoes. Another issue I find, is wearing dresses typically requires the freedom of both hands to keep from showing off more than I'd really like to in the San Francisco wind. And, despite having a passion for vintage, I really have to be in the mood to wear dresses. I don't particularly like to wear them every day.

Now that I've stated all of my excuses for not dressing vintage at work, I want to share something I have found. I had been searching, for quite some time, for high waisted slacks. What I had found, though, were slacks that were marked high wasited, or stated that they sat at the waist, but in fact - at least on me - sat just at the top of my hip. This left a gap between the ends of my vintage blouses and sweaters and the tops of my pants. Not very work appropriate.

Several months ago, Talbots introduced a new fit; the Hollywood Fit. The description states that this fit sits "above the waist." Well, this sold me. I had to try these pants. I was looking for something that I could machine wash. So, I bought the Hollywood Fit Ultimate Double-Weave Pant, which come in five colors (tan, black, gray, brown, and off white). Finally I found a pant that fit at my waist. I was so happy with them, I bought three pairs. I am hoping that they decide to make them in navy and red. But, if they don't add colors, I am still happy that I finally have slacks that are high enough to be worn with my vintage tops.


  1. Great review! I've also been looking for high-waisted pants because of my short legs. These pants would elongate them, I think! I'll have to check them out the next time I go to Talbot's.

  2. These look super cute, and classy.