Attending an Estate Sale Through Proxy

I receive periodic emails about estate sales in the area I live from an estate sale company. Often the goods being offered are not my style. But, every once in a while they have a mid century estate. I received one such email last week. What caught my eye were two beautiful green chairs that would match my bedroom. I died when I saw them. The problem was the sale was about an hour away from where I live. On top of that, it started on Friday. I couldn't get off of work, and Saturday I had preexisting plans. The third problem is, I don't have a car. Fortunately, I have friends who grew up in the area. I contacted one of such friends who knew someone who loves estates sales. She would be happy to go for me.

I sent her a list of the things I was eyeing from the photos - at least the ones I could narrow down. I told her how much I was willing to spend. We talked on the phone as she walked through the house, and told me the prices of the items I wanted. As I knew they would be, the chairs were way out of my price range. But, she left my name, number, and the price I was willing to pay with the instructions to call me if they didn't sell by Sunday. I was surprised with a phone call on Saturday morning with a counter offer which wasn't much higher than the price I suggested, but quite a bit lower than the listed price. Happily I accepted the offer, and the chairs are now mine.

The second thing I wanted, a vanity set, was sold. That's ok. I already have a vanity set, even if it is made of mismatched pieces.  I also picked out four purses I wanted from the massive collection that was offered. Each had a different price, but she was able to talk them down to what I was willing to pay. Score! 

When I went to pick up the chairs on Sunday, everything was half off. A lot of things that I kind of liked, and would have purchased half off, were sold. But, I did manage to find a few more goodies. I picked up a hat, a glove box, and a hankie. My shopping companion also scored with a lot of clothes and accessories for $1 each.  Some of the photos below are some pictures that were listed on the Fine Estate Liquidation website and include some of the things I missed out on. I loved the kitchen, and wish I could have purchased that to put into my apartment. 

The dreamy chairs.

In my bedroom.
1960s, vintage, chairs, mid century, green, atomic, 1950s

The vanity set.

The furs.

Other cool things.

The swoon worthy kitchen.

My purses.

The rest of the haul.


  1. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing this.

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  3. Can't wait to check out your chairs in person!