Rockabilly Boogie

I didn't exactly get my boogie on, but I did get to see a very talented local musician last night. I had found out about his show the weekend before at the Hillbilly Hootenanny (see the previous post). I knew I had to go. I drug one of my friends to a small bar in North Beach that typically showcases blues to see Jinx Jones play some rockabilly (and a smattering of blues and surf tunes). As with the weekend before, I had a lot of fun. There were several people dancing, including a couple doing swing. They were so much fun to watch. They said they were just beginners, but looked like they had been dancing for years. She invited me to join them at The Savanna Jazz Club to learn myself, but at the moment I'm rather shy. I'm not much of a dancer, and step on my own feet. But, I'd like to learn someday. Maybe this year will be the year I get over my fear.

I enjoy live music a lot, even if I don't get to see it as much as I would like to. I really enjoy meeting talented local musicians, and appreciate the entertainment they provide. I hope to go to future shows, including one back at The Riptide on the 23rd.  If you visit San Francisco, check out Jinx Jones and band the second Friday of the month at The Saloon. 

I took several videos. The first two I couldn't get a good view of the band. This one was the best of the three, but the audio and lighting isn't very good. Hopefully you can hear enough to enjoy the music. If not, you'll just have to try to see Mr. Jones in person.

Jinx Jones, rockabilly

I have had this dress since I was about 19. It was the first dress I purchased where I knew exactly what era I was buying. Prior to that, I just bought whatever I liked whether it be from the 50s, 60s, or in some cases 70s, but I did not know what the decades of the clothes I purchased were from. Around this time, I was settling into the 50s. I also started to have a grasp of what to look for; what distinguished each decade. This dress has a bolero that I decided not to wear this night. Instead I paired it with a basic black cardigan. When I first bought this outfit, it was a tad bit big for me. But, now that I'm older, and heavier, it fits (though any more weight gain and it will no longer fit).

I saw a vintage brooch very similar to this online. I thought that I could recreate it. So, I bought the pieces and came up with this. I'm quite happy about the way it turned out, although it is a bit different than the original. I think this might just now be my favorite brooch.

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