How to be Glamorous in 30 Minutes

This is the second installment in  the How to Be Glamorous series. Today we are covering 30 minutes.

  • Unless you have a dryer, don't dampen your hair in order to set it.  There may not be enough time for it to dry, especially if the weather is humid.  But, always give your hair that all important brushing, whether you have five minutes or thirty.  If you have extra time, add a head-vibrating massage, which will give you additional gloss and glow.
  • Next on the schedule is a quick set with a quick drying lotion.  They're not recommended for daily use, because they are usually made with a base that is drying to the hair, even when counteracted with lanolin.  But this is a time of emergency, and you should keep a bottle or can of your favorite brand on hand for just this moment.
  • Set and spray your hair in big pin curls.  Don't bother doing your whole head. Just pin up the curls that are necessary, probably two around the forehead, a couple behind the ears and a group across the back of your head.  Spray on the lotion and continue dressing.  Wait until the very last minute to come out your hair.  If you comb out after your dress in on, the pin curls will have had enough time to dry.  If you have a dryer fixed on a stand, sit by it while you apply your make-up or patch your nail polish so you're not wasting any valuable time.

  • If it's an evening date, how about adding some glitter?  It's quick to fix and if you do it with a delicate touch, the results will have an elusive allure.  Glitter comes in several forms:  Tiny sequin sparkles will twinkle like stars in your hair-do.  A fine powder of gold dust will shine subtly.  A few strokes with a gold stick will provide you with an iridescent streak that will last a day or two.  You can use the stick for a tantalizing "tipping" on the edge of your bangs, but gently does it!  For streaks, cute a hole in a cardboard, then push through the strands to be streaked.  The cardboard will protect the rest of your hair and eyes.  To fix the sparkles in your hair, spray on a lacquer first.  Then sprinkle on the sparkles with a not-lavish hand.  Seal with another swoosh of the lacquer.  Don't forget that on your hair a pinch of glitter will appear to be four times the amount.  Once fixed, leave the golden touch alone.  Brushing or combing may remove it altogether. 

Check back when I cover the last installment, How to be Glamorous in 90 Minutes.


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