Paul Mitchell Clipless Ion Curling Iron

My stylist told me about a new curling iron he picked up that worked well on straight hard to curl hair. Other girls in the salon had used it on their hair, and had good results with the curl staying. He wanted to try it on my hair. After quite some time, we were finally able to try it out today. The iron is a Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Clipless Express Ion Curl iron (whew that's a long name).

Since the iron is clipless, the hair is wrapped around the iron and held with the fingers. The barrel is tapered, but unlike most clipless irons, the barrel is bigger on the top. He took very small sections of my hair and wrapped it around the iron with the top of the iron pointed down. So, the curls were tighter at the top and looser at the bottom. 

When we first started doing it, I looked like I had just stepped out of the 1990s and was about to go to prom. He didn't brush it out, but rather used his fingers to loosen the curl. We didn't have much time to play with it after the curling was done. 

My hair usually doesn't stay with a hot set. Typically after just a couple hours, it is barely noticeable that my hair was ever curled. Though the curl did loosen with the Paul Mitchell iron, it was still curly hours later. I did finally brush it out, and the curl turned into a deep wave that I think would look even nicer if I were to sleep on it. 

I think this is a good tool to get waves that last. I'm sure had bigger sections been used, my waves would have been bigger as well. I do like that I had much more volume to my hair than if I had used a traditional iron. This is a big plus. Now for some before and after shots.

This is how my hair looks basically rolling out of bed. My hair has a bit of a wave because I went to bed with it wet. 

This is what it looked like without much mussing. He finger combed some of it, but we did not brush it out. (Forgive the background butt shot. I tried to crop out as much as I could, but it was kind of just right there.)

This is after several hours, and brushing it out. You can see that much of the wave is still in tact.


  1. You are so cute! This hair do is adorable on you!

    Ruby xx

  2. Lovely! Good tip for gal's with straight hair. I don't really know what mine is. Wavy and straight, thin and with lot's of fine hair strains. Yay! But anywho, lovely blogpost and your bangs are great!