Oc tober 24, 1952

It rained again today. So, I decided to make it a lazy day. I set my hair for the week last night, and didn't want to get it wet. I cuddled with Lilly and started the book Kiss Me Deadly.

Bev's parents just got a television. They are the first on their block to own one. I haven't seen it yet, but Bev is super excited about it. She said I can come over any time to watch it. I am not as excited. I just don't see how television shows can take the place of picture shows. There's something about going out to a show. I guess I'll have to go over there soon to see what the hoopla is about. I don't even know what show I would want to watch. I heard I Love Lucy is funny. There's also Dragnet. I listen to the show on the radio, but it might be fun to watch it. I am really getting into these crime dramas. Speaking of which, I should get back to my book. Goodnight Diary.

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