October 25, 1952

Grace and I went to lunch today. She is a nice girl. When she got back Lois and Helen wouldn't talk to her. She said she knew they would do that, but that she doesn't care anymore. That makes me happy. After work I decided to go to the record store, again, to see Nathaniel. He wasn't there today. The girl behind the counter was giving me queer looks. I hope she doesn't know that I was just there to see him. I listened to some records while I was there, to make it look like I was there for a reason other than Nathaniel. I didn't want to spend too much time there, as I felt a little uncomfortable. So, I went to the newsstand to check out some of the new magazines. I found the most beautiful clothes. Oh how I wish I had a wardrobe with furs, suits, and silk dresses. Instead I borrow my clothes from my friends. Besides my basic cotton frocks, I have nothing.


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