May 19, 1953

Today Connie and I went to the movies. There wasn't much playing that sounded interesting. We settled on a movie that ended up being pretty bad. It was so bad, I can't even remember the name of it. But, the Tex Avery cartoon that they played before it was great. I had seen it a couple years ago, and never forgot it. I even mentioned it to friends a few times. I'm glad I got to watch it again. Afterward Connie and I spoke the whole way home in slang. We had ourselves cracking up.


  1. This was a hoot! The soundtrack during the dating scenes was a tune called "On Green Dolphin Street." I wonder if it was common practice back then to use popular jazz tunes as cartoon soundtracks... =)

  2. I saw this cartoon many years ago, but only once. I kept telling people about it, but wasn't able to find it on the internet. It took one of my coworkers to find it for me. I'm pretty excited to be able to share it. I've been telling people about this one for years! :)

    I'm not sure what the licensing arrangements were like then, but I'm sure they weren't as strict as they are now!