May 22, 1953

Connie and I went to a Sunday brunch today. I got to wear my spring suit. It is baby blue tweed, and I have the cutest matching Trifari pin that I wear with it. It is one of those things that Eddie bought me. On our way home we bought a magazine, and poured over all the different hairstyles. We both want to try something new. There were all kinds of advice for different shaped faces. After we finished looking at the magazine, we laughed and giggled as we talked about the boys we had crushes on. She has a crush on a boy named John. He plays first violin in the orchestra that Connie plays in. She hasn't talked to him yet, as she is rather shy. But, she hopes that he notices her, and asks her on a date someday. I feel like I am in the same situation as she is. But, at least I have her as a friend. It is nice to have friends again.

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