Creating a Wardrobe

Below is a list taken from Betty Cornell's Glamour Guide for Teens published in 1958. It is her suggestion for the average high school wardrobe. Though, it could, with just a few tweaks, work for someone of any age.

1. A few well-fitting washable slips.

2. One or two half-slips - some nylon, some cotton (cotton to starch for wear under summer skirts).

3. Three or four bras.

4. Panties - preferably shirred to give good curve control.

5. Girdle.

6. Two or three pairs of nylon stockings - one pair of mesh for school, since those are least prone to runs.

7. White wool socks - these for school and sports.

8. Several pairs of colored socks to match your sweaters and skirts.

9. Assorted sweaters - some with long sleeves; classic standbys in classic colors: beige, gray, navy, green; and some with short sleeves; these fit well under suit jackets and can take the place of a blouse.  They can be dressed up with scarves and jewelry.  Pastel colors look pretty in short sleeve pull-ons.

10. One good basic suit, neutral in color and simple in line, to wear with everything.  The kind that takes a long time to go out of style.

11. Skirts - in dark colors and in bright plaids.  Wool usually wears the best.  Have various styles, some pleated, some plain.

12. A raincoat - for really sloshy days and to use for hiking and biking trips when you need a covering that can take it.

13. A good basic coat - perhaps a classic camel hair, but something that will give you service and be in style at the same time.  Here look for a box cut or flare cut so that i can slip easily over jackets and sweaters without bunchiness at the armhole or waist.

14. A dressy coat - here you can take to fitted lines, for you will wear this coat with party dresses and well-cut fitted suits.  Keep to basic color, though, unless you want to tire of it and discard it before its time.

15. A party dress.

16. A formal.

17. Low-heeled shoes for school (not "on-stage" ballet slippers, please).

18. Dress-up shoes with Cuban heel - in calf or suede.

19. Evening slippers.

20. Warm gloves for school - mittens or crochet string ones.

21. Dress-up gloves - a pair of white cottons, kept clean, will fill almost every bill.

22. A hat - for church and formal afternoon parties.

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